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US announces new US$200 million package of military assistance to Ukraine

Wednesday, 11 October 2023, 12:14
US announces new US$200 million package of military assistance to Ukraine
Photo: Getty Images

Lloyd Austin, US Secretary of Defence, announced a new package of military assistance to Ukraine for US$200 million.

Source: European Pravda; Austin at the opening of the 16th meeting of the Contact Group on defence of Ukraine, known as the Ramstein format. 

The US official said that he expected that at the meeting, a number of countries will announce new assistance packages for Ukraine. 


"I am proud that the United States will announce its latest security assistance package for Ukraine valued at US$200 million," Austin said. 

He added that the package includes ammunition for air defence systems, artillery and missile ammunition, high-precision aviation ammunition, anti-tank weapons, and equipment for countering Russian drones. 

"That puts American total commitment at US$43.9 billion since the start of Putin's War," Austin said. 


  • It has already been reported that this assistance package will be financed from funds the Pentagon saved due to an accounting error. They allow weapons and ammunition to be sent to Kyiv despite the exclusion of new assistance to Ukraine from a temporary spending bill passed by the House of Representatives last weekend to prevent a shutdown.
  • Previously the Pentagon said that the US Congress must approve additional funding so that the United States can simultaneously provide the necessary military assistance to Israel and Ukraine.
  • The Western press reported over the weekend that US President Joe Biden wants to approve through Congress up to US$100 billion for Ukraine.  

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