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Russians are much ahead of us in using operative-tactical UAVs founder of Azov regiment

Tuesday, 17 October 2023, 14:59
Russians are much ahead of us in using operative-tactical UAVs  founder of Azov regiment
Russian "Orlan-10". Stock photo: wikipedia

Andrii Biletskyi, former Member of the Ukrainian Parliament, founder of the Azov regiment and Commander of the 3rd Assault Brigade of Ukraine, remarks that the Russians are much ahead of Ukrainians in the usage of unmanned systems of the operative-tactical type.

Source: Biletskyi in an interview for Ukrainska Pravda

Details: Biletskyi explained that the Defence Forces of Ukraine have advantage in using FPV-drones, meanwhile a big quantity of unmanned vehicles of operative-tactical levels which the Russians have remain a problem for the Ukrainian forces. He revealed exactly how the Orlan and Lantset type UAVs are taunting the Ukrainian soldiers.


Quote: "Look, our biggest problem is that the Russians are way ahead of us where the operative-tactical unmanned aerial systems are concerned. First and foremost, I am talking about Orlan since it is a big problem for us. This is a problem for many reasons – [these UAVs may be used for – ed.] adjusting of artillery fire, different types of reconnaissance, because they are also radio-electronic reconnaissance complexes. We cannot successfully jam the Orlan UAV. Though it can be definitely shot down with a Strila-10 or, for instance, more complex systems like the TOR anti-aircraft system.

But we face a great deficit of air defence, mainly, frontline air defence. This UAV is a huge problem because sometimes during the day and at night 11 Orlan UAVs may hang in the air space above my brigade.

What does this ‘hanging’ mean? It means that your artillery does not work. It means that your offensive on armoured vehicles in more or less equipped groups or units is impossible.

It means that you cannot take ammunition to the positions of the troops. You cannot conduct engineering work, dig caponiers or build fortifications. I’ve had the experience of using almost all types of Western UAVs as well as the Ukrainian Leleka UAV. Orlan is definitely more efficient.

Another problem is the Lantset UAVs which they are actively using, and for which no adequate counteraction means has been found so far. The absolute majority of artillery systems is stuck with Lantset. It is cheap and quite precise, and as far as I know, they consider about a third of flights to be successful.

What is our advantage? It is a direct control of the combat clash line. We have a great quantity of the Mavic drones, still thanks to the volunteers. In addition, we have the Starlink communication which provides us with much more opportunities. But the Russians have a huge advantage in the upper class UAVs."

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