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Explosions heard in Zaporizhzhia

Wednesday, 18 October 2023, 01:38
Explosions heard in Zaporizhzhia

Explosions rang out in Zaporizhzhia before and immediately after an air-raid warning was issued in the city.

Source: Suspilne Zaporizhzhia; Ukraine's Air Force; Ukrinform

Quote: "Suspilne correspondents have reported that another sound of an explosion has been heard in Zaporizhzhia. Stay in shelters."


Details: At 01:32 an air-raid warning was issued in Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

At 01:34, Suspilne reported that an explosion had been heard, and at 01:36, it reported a second.

In addition, at 01:34, the Air Force reported that there was a missile threat in Zaporizhzhia and Dnipropetrovsk oblasts, and later in Mykolaiv and Kherson oblasts.

Updated: Explosions rang out in the city again at 01:43 and 01:49.

Ukrinform said at least five explosions had been heard in Zaporizhzhia.

Two explosions were heard in the city first and an air-raid warning was issued after that.

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