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Rogozin suggested Putin attack Ukraine with space missile after being wounded in buttock

Tuesday, 24 October 2023, 15:41
Rogozin suggested Putin attack Ukraine with space missile after being wounded in buttock
Dmitry Rogozin. Photo: AFP

Dmitry Rogozin, former head of Roscosmos, Russia's state space agency, suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin hit Ukraine with a space missile. The idea came shortly after he was hit by shrapnel in his buttock last December.

Source: BILD, citing sources and recordings of Rogozin's conversations with Director General of the Rocket Space Centre

Details: The media received recordings of Rogozin's conversations with Dmitry Baranov, Director General of the Progress Rocket Space Centre. 


Judging by these records, they discussed the technical details of organising an attack on a large city in Ukraine with the help of a launch vehicle used for flights into space since the beginning of January 2023. They concluded that it would be best to launch it from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome with explosives on board.

As Baranov believed, the main problem is that existing heavy high-explosive bombs or guided warheads would overheat due to supersonic entry into the atmosphere. Rogozin promised to consult the designer Yuriy Solomonov. Bild reports that he found a solution after a few days.

In addition, they discussed that parts of the missile could fall on the territory of Russia. They were also concerned that the error during the impact could be 50 to 100 km.


Rogozin asked Baranov how much time he would need to prepare. He answered that about six months.

The media reports that Rogozin called Putin "our great and terrible" and said he would pass the plan to him through Anton Vaino.

BILD says the plan was brought to Putin on 16 January. How he reacted to it is still unknown.


  • On December 21, Dmitry Rogozin, the former Director General of Roscosmos, and Vitaliy Khotsenko, the so-called "head of the government of the Donetsk People's Republic", were injured in occupied Donetsk, allegedly after shelling from Ukraine. 
  • At the time, Russian media reported that Rogozin received a shrapnel wound to the soft tissues of the head, a penetrative shrapnel wound to the glutes, and a penetrative shrapnel wound to the left hip.Later, Rogozin stated that a 3x4mm metal shard hit him above his right shoulder blade. He did not report any other injuries.
  • On January 23 Dmitry Rogozin said that with the help of satellite images, he had precisely located the howitzer that fired at him and was preparing a "take revenge" operation.

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