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Israeli army surrounds Gaza City

Thursday, 2 November 2023, 17:13
Israeli army surrounds Gaza City
The city of Gaza. Photo: Getty Images

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) are operating inside the city of Gaza. They are surrounding it from several directions.

Source: Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi, IDF Chief of Staff;  The Times of Israel

Quote: "We have advanced another significant stage in the war. The forces are in the heart of northern Gaza, operating in Gaza City, surrounding it, and deepening [the ground offensive], and achievements…


The forces are fighting in a dense and complex urban area, that requires professional combat, and courage."

Details: According to Halevi, Israeli troops are engaged in close combat, their actions are supported by accurate intelligence, as well as air and sea fire.

The chief of staff stressed that the IDF has a huge advantage, although less than half of the Armed Forces of Israel are involved in the operation in Gaza. The rest of the army is on alert if there is a need to attack on other fronts.

At the same time, Halevi said that the ground operation in Gaza has already claimed the lives of 18 Israeli soldiers.

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