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US Senate presents US$111 billion finance package with aid to Ukraine and Israel

Israel expands ground operations to entire Gaza Strip Israel Defence Forces

Impressive results Israel's Defence Minister on resumption of hostilities against Hamas

Israel destroys number of Hamas cells in Gaza Strip

Israel Defence Forces strike Gaza Strip, saying Hamas violated operational pause

Israel and Hamas extend truce for one more day WSJ

Hamas releases 6 more Israeli hostages

​​Israel and Hamas may extend their truce once more Bloomberg

Israel confirms that Hamas released 12 more hostages

Additional funding for Ukraine and Israel urgently needed White House

Hamas sets free 11 more Israeli hostages

Israel releases 39 Palestinian minors

Hamas releases second group of Israeli hostages

Hamas postpones release of second group of Israeli hostages

First group of Israeli hostage leaves Gaza Strip

Israel attacks Hezbollah facilities in Lebanon

Ceasefire to be short, with at least 2 months of fighting after Israeli Defence Minister

Release of Israeli hostages to begin on Friday

Hamas' actions are genocide against Israel White House

Hezbollah has fired over 1,000 projectiles on Israel since 7 October Israeli Defence Minister

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry reacts to hijacking of ship in Red Sea: Ukrainians may have been on board

Ukrainians among crew on ship hijacked by Yemeni Houthis in Red Sea

Biden signs temporary funding bill without aid to Ukraine to avoid shutdown

Israel reports finding "operational tunnel shaft" inside Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza

Israeli forces close to destroy Hamas' infrastructure in northern Gaza

Israel demolishes Hamas parliament building in Gaza

US discreetly sends Israel more ammunition and missiles Bloomberg

Hamas blames Israel and US in advance for aftermath of assault on Gazan hospital

Israel launches military operation in Gaza main hospital

Israel shows evidence that Hamas stored weapons in children's hospital