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One of checkpoints suspended operations at Ukrainian-Polish border

Monday, 20 November 2023, 10:46
One of checkpoints suspended operations at Ukrainian-Polish border
Photо: Getty Images

Border crossing operations have been temporarily suspended at the Shehyni checkpoint due to a lack of electricity at the Medyka checkpoint on the Polish side.

Source: Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service on 20 November, as reported by European Pravda

Quote: "Due to a lack of electricity supply at the Medyka checkpoint (Republic of Poland), the passage of persons and vehicles to leave Ukraine by the neighbouring party has been temporarily suspended," the message reads.


Border guards urged citizens to consider this information when crossing the border.

Update: Later, border guards reported that the border crossing point had resumed operation. 

Quote: "The Shehyni border crossing point has resumed operations! Have a good journey!" 


Meanwhile, Polish hauliers have continued to block the other three border crossings with Ukraine, at Yahodyn-Dorogusk, Krakivets-Korczowa and Rava-Ruska-Hrebenne, since 6 November.


  • The Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development, in collaboration with relevant associations and hauliers, has set up a support headquarters to provide Ukrainian drivers who are stranded with food, drinking water, medications and fuel.
  • Polish hauliers blocking the border with Ukraine have promised to allow humanitarian aid and fuel tankers to pass through, but the Ukrainian government says this is not happening.

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