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President of European Council explains why EU summit in December should make decision regarding Ukraine

Tuesday, 21 November 2023, 17:50
President of European Council explains why EU summit in December should make decision regarding Ukraine

Charles Michel, the President of the European Council, promises to do everything possible so that Ukraine and Moldova receive a decision on the start of negotiations on joining the EU by the end of the year. 

Source: Michel told this to journalists after talks with the presidents of Ukraine and Moldova in Kyiv, the correspondent of European Pravda reports. 

Details: Michel emphasised that the path of Ukraine and Moldova to join the EU was one of the topics of the negotiations that took place on Tuesday, and at this meeting, he made a promise to his colleagues, which he then undertook to repeat publicly, in the presence of journalists. 


"Dear President Zelenskyy, dear President Sandu, dear people of Ukraine and people of Moldova, I assure you, I will spare no effort in supporting your legitimate ambitions and aspirations," he said.

The head of the European Council emphasised that it is not about the accession itself but about the beginning of a long process, which is demanding, "it can be frustrating", and also reiterated that both countries will need to fulfil many tasks, including the issue of the rule of law; however, the first step must be taken right now. 

"[I will] do anything to convince my 27 colleagues (leaders of EU member states – UP) that we need a positive decision in December," he said.

Michel also provided three key arguments with which he will convince the participants of the summit. 

Firstly, he believes that the start of negotiations on the accession of Ukraine and Moldova to the EU will be a "message to the European citizens that we are taking care of our coming future in…security and prosperity" because, in his opinion, such enlargement will make Europe safer and richer. 

Secondly, it will be a message "to the people of Ukraine and the people of Moldova…that we are reliable, that we are serious, that we are loyal," said Michel, emphasising that this is also a valid argument for the 27 leaders. 

And thirdly, the start of negotiations with Ukraine, which was attacked by Russia, "is a message to the Kremlin, and is a message to all those in the world who would like to undermine the rules-based order". 

As it is known, the EU summit is to be held in Brussels on 14-15 December, where the issue of enlargement will be one of the key issues. In recent days, there have been signals from the EU that the EU may not support the start of negotiations on Ukraine's accession during the December summit. The possibility of postponing this decision until March is supposedly being considered due to the lack of unity in the European Union. Hungary publicly promises to block a positive decision for Kyiv.

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