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Polish politician Tusk accuses Polish government of inaction about border blockade with Ukraine

Wednesday, 29 November 2023, 07:30
Polish politician Tusk accuses Polish government of inaction about border blockade with Ukraine
Donald Tusk. Stock photo: Getty Images

The leader of the Civic Platform political party Donald Tusk accused the Polish government of inaction with the blockade of border crossings on the border with Ukraine.

Source: European Pravda, citing PAP.

On 28 November, the leader of the Civic Platform, Donald Tusk, was asked about this protest in the Seimas. Asked by journalists if his government would face this problem in two weeks, he replied that he would solve this problem "not in two weeks".


Quote: "For example, today I am meeting with experts and those politicians who will handle these issues," he emphasised. "Also, we will still have a briefing on the issue of hauliers and the protest at the Ukrainian border this afternoon," he said.

Speaking about the appointment of the new government of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, he said that "since they pretend to have appointed a real government, they could also pretend to deal with real problems."

"Since they are pretending that they are now creating a real government, they could pretend that they are dealing with real problems. Such inaction cannot be excused because in this way we are putting Polish-Ukrainian relations at risk and not caring about Polish interests," Tusk said. 

"This government puts all of us in a very difficult situation. The Law and Justice political party, Morawiecki and Kaczyński played the Ukrainian card fatally, very dilettantish, unprofessionally and cynically," the politician said.

"In the beginning, when it was appropriate, they demonstrated a radically pro-Ukrainian position, completely forgetting about Polish interests," Tusk emphasised.

He says, "We must live with Ukraine in friendship and support, but at the same time not to neglect Polish interests."

"They completely ignored it, and when they realised that it made people angry, they started playing the anti-Ukrainian card, and later turned their backs on the border problem," Tusk assessed.

"This is a scandal because even in such an issue as the drivers' protest, they endangered our fundamental interests, relations with Ukraine, Russia, and Europe," Tusk emphasised.


  • Since 6 November, Polish hauliers have been holding protests at three border crossings on the Polish-Ukrainian border, only letting a few cars through each hour. Last week, the blockade of another checkpoint, Medyka-Shehyni, commenced.
  • On Monday, 27 November, the Polish Infrastructure Ministry reported that it had addressed Ukraine with a proposal to resolve the issue of the border blockade.

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