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Putin claims Mongol invaders were better for Russia than "Western conquerors"

Friday, 3 November 2023, 14:47
Putin claims Mongol invaders were better for Russia than Western conquerors

Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed that the Golden Horde (part of the Mongol Empire) was better for Moscow than "Western conquerors" and praised Prince Alexander Nevsky, a key figure in mediaeval Russian history, for going to the Mongol Khan to get permission to reign.

Source: Vladimir Putin during a meeting with new members of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation

Quote: "The unity of the people has been a key factor in Russia's progress to new frontiers. That's always been true. Let's recall what happened in the days of, say, Alexander Nevsky. After all, he travelled to the Horde, bowed down before the Horde’s Khans, and was given the yarlyk [permission] to rule as prince, primarily so that he could effectively resist the invasion of the West."


Details: Putin believes that even though the Golden Horde acted ruthlessly and cruelly, they did not impact the Russian language, traditions or culture.

That was what "Western conquerors" had set out to do, Putin added.

"That is why we revere Alexander Nevsky as a saint. Because of this choice he made. He cared about preserving the Russian people - and later, all the peoples living in the territory of our country," Putin said.

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