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Part of 100-year-old college is demolished in Kharkiv following Russian drone damage

Friday, 3 November 2023, 15:04
Part of 100-year-old college is demolished in Kharkiv following Russian drone damage

Part of a district in Kharkiv has been cut off from the electricity supply so that the ruins of a college that was hit by a Russian drone overnight can be dismantled. An unsafe part of the building has also been demolished.

Source: Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov on Facebook; Novyny.Live Kharkiv

Quote from Terekhov: "A building of an educational institution in the city was seriously damaged as a result of last night’s enemy attack. We are now cutting off the power network so that employees of the State Emergency Service can dismantle the rubble from the inside. No. 27 tram services in this area have been temporarily suspended.


There was no damage to public utilities, but until certain problems have been resolved in this part of the Osnovianskyi District, an emergency power outage mode will be in effect."

Details: A video of the unsafe part of the college being demolished has appeared in the media.

Terekhov added that other strikes were recorded at a service station and a hostel where displaced people were living. Considerable damage was also caused to residential buildings, so roofs will be repaired near the sites of the strikes.

Several people who asked for help were not injured, but are in a state of shock. Doctors are providing them with the psychological support they need.


Reference: Judging from the video, the college in question is the Kharkiv College of Transport Technology, built in 1915.


  • The authorities reported this morning that the Russians attacked Kharkiv with four Shahed kamikaze drones at around 00:45.
  • The Russian attack damaged two garages, four cars and an outbuilding. An educational institution was damaged. A car service station, a non-operational sewing workshop and a residential building were also affected. Fires broke out.

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