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EU to start discussing 12th sanctions package against Russia next week

Wednesday, 8 November 2023, 17:26
EU to start discussing 12th sanctions package against Russia next week
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The EU member states will start discussing the propositions concerning the 12th sanctions package against Russia, which will focus on banning Russian diamond trade, next week.

Source: the Reuters agency, with reference to the EU diplomats and a European official on condition of anonymity, as reported by European Pravda

Details: The discussion of new sanctions got off the ground after the G7 Foreign Ministers had given green light to the implementation of restrictions on the diamonds of Russian origin at the meeting in Japan.


An EU representative cited by Reuters stated that a current timeframe for a European Commission proposal for the sanctions package which would then be considered by 27 EU governments was "early next week".

"The plan is that the Commission adopts the package in the coming days. Then it'll be for the Council to adopt," the source said.

One of the EU diplomats told Reuters that Belgium’s proposition concerning imposing restrictions on Russian diamonds may be brought up during the discussions. The proposition provides for the control of the origin of sold jewellery.

Poland, in its turn, insisted on complete ban of Russian diamonds and liquefied petroleum gas, and Estonia suggested adding liquefied natural gas to the sanctions list, but these propositions are unlikely to be included in the package.


  • According to the Bloomberg agency, the propositions for the 12th sanctions package provide for limiting trade of goods with a total worth of €5 billion.
  • The new package may include over 100 physical and 40 legal entities. The ban of hiring Russians in the so-called "sensitive" sectors and repatriation of Russian assets in the EU is also being considered.

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