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We must live up to our commitments to Ukraine – European Council President ahead of key EU summit

Wednesday, 13 December 2023, 16:33
We must live up to our commitments to Ukraine – European Council President ahead of key EU summit
Charles Michel. Stock photo: Getty Images

In a letter inviting EU leaders to a summit on 14-15 December, European Council President Charles Michel said that the European Union must live up to its commitments to Ukraine and continue to be a reliable and strong partner. 

Source: European Pravda

Details: Michel noted that 24 February 2022 was a turning point in the history of Europe, and since the outbreak of war on the continent, the EU has taken a number of unprecedented decisions to support Ukraine and to strengthen Europe's sovereignty in parallel. 


"Twenty-one months on, we are faced once again with the need to take bold decisions. They require our collective strength and determination, and the audacity to make the right choices," Michel wrote.

"We must provide Ukraine with constant and sustainable political, financial and military support and, in particular, come to an agreement on providing €50 billion for its long-term stability. We also have to agree to open accession negotiations with Ukraine, thereby giving it a necessary signal and bringing it yet closer to our European family," Michel added.

He underlined that the EU needs to take important decisions on other candidates for membership, while working to make the EU fit for the future and ready to take on new members.

"A pivotal European Council lies ahead of us. Now is the time for decision-making. I call on you all to come equipped with a spirit of compromise, a sense of collective responsibility, with the Union’s interests and values at the forefront of your minds," he said.


  • On Wednesday, President Zelenskyy stated that if the EU fails to approve the decision to start accession talks with Ukraine, it will mean that Putin has vetoed it.
  • The European Parliament urged EU leaders to approve the decision to start accession negotiations with Ukraine and condemned the Hungarian Prime Minister's remarks about Ukraine's membership.

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