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European integration

EU Commission comments on delay in start of negotiations with Ukraine

Ukraine will not abandon agricultural subsidies over negotiations with EU – official

Ukraine initiates revision of trade rules with EU in Association Agreement

Ukraine's European Integration Minister discusses details of talks on EU accession with EU Commissioner

European Commission reveals first steps of Ukraine's pre-accession legislation screening

Zelenskyy and European Commission President agree on pre-accession screening of Ukraine – video

Ukrainian parliament approves law on lobbying in first reading that EU expects Kyiv to adopt

Zelenskyy reacts to EU's decision to open negotiations on Ukraine's accession

Zelenskyy tells EU leaders: Today decisiveness will be either in Brussels or in Moscow

Zelenskyy speaks at summit on Ukraine's EU accession talks

German Chancellor promises to seek agreement of EU summit on negotiations with Ukraine

Hungarian PM does not oppose Ukraine's EU accession but sees "no reason" for talks

EU rates Ukraine's chances of accession talks as 20-30%

We must live up to our commitments to Ukraine – European Council President ahead of key EU summit

European Parliament condemns Orbán and urges EU to approve opening of membership talks with Ukraine

European Commission anticipates new procedure for accession negotiations for Ukraine

If Hungary blocks EU decision, it will mean Putin vetoed it – Zelenskyy

Slovak PM will not block Ukraine's EU accession talks despite believing Ukraine is not ready

Europeans are more favourable to Ukraine's accession to EU than to other candidates

Slovakia prepared to support opening of EU negotiations with Ukraine

EU membership talks with Ukraine: "The struggle continues" – Ukraine's Foreign Minister

EU believes that Ukraine has walked only quarter of its path to defeat corruption

Negotiations on Ukraine's accession to EU: Zelenskyy talks to Spain's Prime Minister on the eve of European Council summit

Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers approves European integration bill on lobbying

Nearly 80% of Ukrainians endorse EU and NATO membership, poll finds

European Parliament leadership supports talks on Ukraine's accession to EU

Ukraine can gradually join EU after war, study says

Ukraine is not ready for EU membership talks – Hungarian PM

Poll reveals what Ukrainians see as key obstacles on Ukraine's path to EU

Over 60% of Ukrainians consider Ukraine's accession to EU in less than 10 years realistic