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The war will end when we achieve our goals – Putin

Thursday, 14 December 2023, 12:09
The war will end when we achieve our goals – Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared that the war against Ukraine will end when he has achieved all his goals − the denazification, demilitarisation and neutral status of Ukraine.

Source: Putin at a press conference on 14 December

Quote from Putin: "There will be peace when we achieve our goals. They remain unchanged. Let me remind you of what we have discussed before: denazification in Ukraine, demilitarisation, and its neutral status."


Details: Regarding denazification, the Russian dictator claimed that during talks in Istanbul, "the officials in Kyiv... in general, did not agree that any denazification was needed" and "said that there is no rise in fascism or increase of such sentiments", but that now this ideology is supposedly flourishing.

Quote from Putin: "How could it not? When [Stepan] Bandera, a national hero, not just a known nationalist but also a Nazi, is elevated to the rank of a national hero. How could it not? And when the head of the current administration of Kyiv, in front of the whole world, joins in a standing ovation to a former SS soldier who directly participated in the Holocaust. Is that not a manifestation of Nazism? So the issue of denazification is still relevant."

Details: Regarding demilitarisation, Putin claimed that Ukraine produces hardly any weapons now and will soon be left without Western help.


Quote from Putin: "Now, regarding demilitarisation − well, they just don't want to negotiate, so we are forced to take other measures, including military ones.

Today, Ukraine manufactures almost nothing. They’re trying to save some things up, but they get everything − if you’ll pardon the expression − they get everything by freeloading. But the freebies will come to an end. And to all appearances, they gradually are."

Putin did not give "all the figures", but he noted that demilitarisation continues, saying that Russia has already destroyed "700 of the 400 tanks" that the West has supplied to Ukraine.   

Quote from Putin: "Destruction is happening. I’m not going to list the figures for aircraft and air defence systems right now. They gave them, what, 400, 420-430 tanks − they gave them everything they promised and more, but we’ve destroyed 747 tanks since the so-called counteroffensive alone. That’s the data as of yesterday evening. Hmmm, so 2,300 armoured vehicles of various classes [evidently Putin meant that this is the number destroyed − ed.] − that is demilitarisation.

Either we will agree on demilitarisation, on certain parameters (we agreed on them during the negotiations in Istanbul, by the way, only they were later thrown into the stove − the agreements we made then), or there are other possibilities. To either agree or decide by force − this is what we will strive for," the Russian dictator summed up.

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