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Putin's party backs him in elections, he mentions "colour revolutions"

Sunday, 17 December 2023, 18:40
Putin's party backs him in elections, he mentions colour revolutions
Vladimir Putin. Stock photo: Getty Images

Delegates at the United Russia party conference have unanimously backed Russian dictator Vladimir Putin as a candidate in the Russian presidential elections, even though he will be running for office as an independent candidate.

Source: the Russian media outlet Interfax

Details: Dmitry Medvedev, leader of the United Russia party, urged party members to unite ahead of the elections and help achieve an undisputed victory for Putin.


Quote from Medvedev: "Our party must approach the presidential campaign completely prepared and united. We need to mobilise all the activists and supporters to prevent any disruptions during the election campaign, and to stop any attempts at influencing the course of the campaign from outside or organising provocations, spreading false, harmful information or disrupting public order."

More details: Putin himself claimed at the United Russia conference that all levels of power in Russia have demonstrated resilience and attempts at political destabilisation are not working.

He complained that Western elites had expected to ruin Russia’s economy, social sector, and political and state systems. He failed to mention, however, that he has been waging a war of conquest against Ukraine for almost two years.


Quote from Putin: "They [Western elites – ed.] thought, and they still think, that they can sow internal discord in our country. Their destabilisation methods are well-known and have been applied by Western elites in many parts of the world during the so-called colour revolutions. Similar recipes did not work, and I am sure they won’t work in Russia either…

It is the Russian people who were and will be the only source of power. We will protect their sovereign right to choose their future from any outside interference."

Previously: On 16 December, an "initiative group of voters" backed the candidacy of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin as a self-nominated candidate in the upcoming Russian presidential election in March 2024.

Putin needs to collect 300,000 voters’ signatures to register as an independent candidate.


  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that he will run for a new presidential term in 2024.
  • The Russian presidential elections will be held on 17 March according to a Federation Council resolution adopted on 7 December.
  • Despite the ongoing hostilities, the Russian authorities intend to hold presidential "elections" in the occupied Ukrainian territories in March 2024. Ukraine’s National Resistance Center stated that the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation has granted residents of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine permission to vote in the 2024 presidential election without Russian-issued passports.

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