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Israel destroys number of Hamas cells in Gaza Strip

Saturday, 2 December 2023, 01:22
Israel destroys number of Hamas cells in Gaza Strip

The Israeli military struck terrorist infrastructure targets in the Gaza Strip during the final hours of 1 December.

Source: Israel Defence Forces (IDF)

Quote: "The targets included operational command centres in which Hamas terrorists were operating, underground sites, and a military compound from which anti-tank missiles were launched at [IDF] soldiers earlier today [1 December]."


Details: In addition, the IDF destroyed a number of terrorist cells throughout the Gaza Strip, including one with more than 10 terrorists.

This cell operated alongside the ground forces and was discovered by IDF observation soldiers.

Also, in the course of joint ground and air operations, IDF forces disrupted the activities of two terrorist cells that had fired mortar shells towards IDF forces in the Gaza Strip.


The IDF said it had resumed operations against Hamas in the early hours of 1 December as the terrorist group broke an operational pause.

Since the end of the ceasefire, the Israeli Air Force has carried out airstrikes on about 200 targets in the Gaza Strip.


  • Israel and Hamas agreed to extend the temporary ceasefire in the Gaza Strip for an eighth day.

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