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There is no reason to block traffic on border – Ukrainian ambassador to Poland

Monday, 4 December 2023, 01:56
There is no reason to block traffic on border – Ukrainian ambassador to Poland

Negotiations with the Polish government are continuing and some points of contact and compromises have been found, so there are enough proposals for protesters to stop blocking the border.

Source: Vasyl Zvarych, Ambassador of Ukraine to Poland; Ukrinform

Quote: "We are doing everything possible to stop this protest as soon as possible so that traffic on the border can be unblocked. We are continuing negotiations with the Polish government and have found some points of contact and compromises. And we very much hope that these proposals, which we have worked out with the Polish government, will be enough for the protesters to end the protest."


Details: Vasyl Zvarych recalled that every day of protest causes vast losses not only to the Ukrainian economy but also to businesses in Poland and other countries.

The diplomat said, "There is no reason for actions to restrict traffic on the border to continue."

Zvarych said all issues that concern the Polish protesters can be resolved at the negotiating table. This also requires goodwill on their part to resolve the issue and not to escalate it even more.

Zvarych stressed that the requirements for permits for international freight transport are not issues that need to be resolved right now. He stressed that this falls within the competence of the EU, so it should be discussed with Brussels.

He also said that while the Russian aggression continues, we cannot return to using these permits, as this will further hit the Ukrainian economy. 

He hoped the protesters would understand the decisions already worked out with the Polish government, which everyone expects: "We need to unblock the border and sit down to negotiate because there is no other way." 

Zvarych also expressed the opinion that the border issue should be resolved comprehensively. First of all, capacity should be increased through the expansion of new checkpoints and the development of infrastructure: "The fact that the Dołhobyczów-Uhrynów checkpoint will be fully operational will be a positive moment in the comprehensive settlement of this problem."


  • On Friday, 1 December, representatives of the agencies responsible for infrastructure in Ukraine and Poland met in Warsaw to discuss measures to lift the blockade by Polish hauliers at the border, and have already agreed on several points.
  • As reported, Polish hauliers started a protest on 6 November, demanding that the EU, among other things, restore the permit system for Ukrainian drivers entering the European Union.
  • On Sunday, 3 December, it became known that the Dołhobyczów-Uhrynów checkpoint on the border with Poland will be open for empty trucks from 4 December.

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