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Almost 1,000 trucks stand in queue at Slovak-Ukrainian border

Saturday, 2 December 2023, 17:14
Almost 1,000 trucks stand in queue at Slovak-Ukrainian border
Stock photo: Getty Images

As of Saturday morning, 955 trucks are waiting to enter Ukraine at the Slovak border.

Source: Ukrinform, citing Viktoriia Senhetovska, spokeswoman for the Zakarpattia Customs Service, as reported by European Pravda

Details: She reported that 32 vehicles are waiting to leave Ukraine at the Uzhhorod-Vyšné Nemecké checkpoint and 955 are waiting to enter.


Senhetovska said another 1,100 vehicles are waiting to enter Ukraine from Hungary at the Chop (Tysa)-Záhony checkpoint.

She added that the capacity of the Dyakove-Halmeu checkpoint was not affected by the strike of Slovakian carriers, where 150 trucks are waiting in queue to enter Ukraine and 30 are waiting to leave.


  • On 1 December, in the afternoon, Slovak carriers began the announced blockade of truck traffic at the checkpoint near Uzhhorod.
  • Earlier, the association of Slovak carriers announced an indefinite blockade of checkpoints, starting from 1 December, with the same demands as the Polish border blockers.
  • At the same time, the blockade of Polish carriers has been ongoing since November 6; its key demand is to return the permit system for Ukrainian carriers.

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