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Air-raid warning not issued each time MiG takes off

Monday, 4 December 2023, 11:24
Air-raid warning not issued each time MiG takes off
Yurii Ihnat. Photo: Ukrainian Air Force

Yurii Ihnat, spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force, has stated that Ukraine does not issue an air-raid warning due to the takeoff of a MiG fighter jet if there is accurate information that it does not pose a threat.

Source: Ihnat in an interview with RBC Ukraine

Details: He noted that the state leadership has instructed relevant ministries and departments to develop decisions regarding the response to MiG-31K flights.


Quote: "I cannot say what this decision will be. We will continue to inform you about the threat."

More details: He said that the Western partners are trying to inform Ukraine about a particular flight of the MiG-31K "as quickly as possible and as fully as possible". In addition, this information is provided by Ukrainian intelligence.

But, as the spokesman emphasised, there is not always information on whether a MiG is flying with a missile, whether it is just a flight, whether it is a combat sortie or just a training flight."

To whether the air-raid siren is sounded if the Air Force has information that a MiG is without a missile, Ihnat answered:

Quote: "If there is accurate information that the MiG-31K does not pose a threat, then, of course, the alarm will not be announced." 

Corrected: Earlier it was stated in the news that air-raid warnings would not be issued in Ukraine in the future if the fighter jet does not pose a threat.

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