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Most Ukrainians would not give up NATO membership for "peace" with Russia – survey

Tuesday, 5 December 2023, 18:20
Most Ukrainians would not give up NATO membership for peace with Russia – survey
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The majority of Ukrainians consider the possibility of renouncing NATO membership in exchange for "peace" during negotiations with Russia to be unacceptable or undesirable.

Source: European Pravda with reference to research by the New Europe Center

Details: According to an opinion poll, 67% of Ukrainians consider the possibility of abandoning NATO membership or announcing Ukraine’s neutrality in exchange for "peace" with Russia to be totally unacceptable (57%) or extremely undesirable (10%). Only 12% think this is an acceptable option.


71% of the respondents oppose making concessions to Russia on Ukraine’s EU membership (61% consider this totally unacceptable and 10% undesirable), and only 11% would agree to support this step.

There was even more resistance to suggestions of ceding the temporarily occupied territories to Russia instead of liberating them (over 76% categorically reject this and 8% consider it undesirable); downsizing Ukraine's Armed Forces (83%/5%); giving Russian the status of a state language (73%/7%); decreasing the amount of reparations from Russia (67%/9%); and waiving the prosecution of Russian war criminals (77%/6%).

Another survey has shown that if a referendum were held, 78% of the Ukrainians polled would vote for EU accession and 77% for NATO accession.

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