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Zelenskyy congratulates Ukrainian defenders on Ukrainian Armed Forces Day

Wednesday, 6 December 2023, 09:46
Zelenskyy congratulates Ukrainian defenders on Ukrainian Armed Forces Day

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has congratulated the Ukrainian Armed Forces on their professional day and stressed that the liberation of the temporarily occupied territories and victory over the aggressor lie ahead.

Source: Zelenskyy’s video address

Details: Zelenskyy said he walked the streets of Kyiv to the wall of memory of Ukrainian heroes at 07:00 from the President's Office and encouraged Ukrainians to visit this place to pay tribute to the fallen heroes and ponder the past and future.


Quote from Zelenskyy: "6 December, 07:00, Armed Forces Day. The day of unbreakable men and women, the day of heroes, the day of all those who persist in defending the state and sacrificed their lives to keep Ukraine safe. Right now, I am heading to the wall of their memory.

Those who have not yet been here should come, see the faces of our heroes, look into their eyes and just stay silent. To recall this morning and the morning of 651 days ago – how loud it was and how many people were afraid then, but fear was defeated – and now everyone has heard about us, how tough it was then and how not ashamed we are now. To recall what we could have lost and what we saved, knowing thanks to whom and for what."

Details: Zelenskyy stressed that he was walking through the Ukrainian capital, seeing Ukrainian flags, and it evoked all sorts of thoughts.

Quote: "Hrushevskoho Street has had fortifications and hedgehogs [anti-tank obstacles – ed.] for almost two years now, but these are our hedgehogs – not foreign jackals [the Russians – ed.]. The liberation of the occupied territories is ahead because it can't be otherwise. These are our lands and our people. We have 9 years and 651 days of war behind us, with victory ahead.

No matter how challenging it is, we will secure our borders, our people, and our peace, thanks to our people, our nation, and the Armed Forces. I congratulate you all on your professional holiday. There is only one word today – ‘Well done!’, one emotion – gratitude, one wish – victory.

Remember that St Nicholas the Wonderworker will visit those who behaved well, and the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the guardians of justice, will come after those who misbehaved [On the eve of St Nicholas Day, Ukrainian children write letters to St Nicholas, listing all their wishes – both material (new toys or clothes) and spiritual (health and happiness for their parents, family and friends) – ed.]."

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