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Putin will "come back for more" if he is not stopped, UK Foreign Secretary says

Thursday, 7 December 2023, 09:42
Putin will come back for more if he is not stopped, UK Foreign Secretary says
UK Foreign Secretary Lord David Cameron. Photo: David Cameron's Х

The world should focus on Russia's war against Ukraine, despite the conflict in the Middle East, UK Foreign Secretary Lord David Cameron is convinced.

Source: European Pravda, citing Cameron in an interview with Sky News

Quote: "We know with Putin if you don't stop him here, he will come back for more, and on the sidelines, enemies of America will be cheering," he said.


Details: Cameron said that Russia’s war against Ukraine is "the struggle of our generation" that risks security across the continent.

At the same time, he disagreed with the fact that the US will be viewed as a "less reliable" ally if Congress does not vote for a multibillion-dollar security package that includes support for Ukraine.

Lord Cameron emphasised that Kyiv needs this money "so badly", but this issue is "made more complicated by the politics."


  • On 5 December, UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron stated that London’s support for Ukraine will not decrease next year.
  • On 6 December, Cameron arrived in Washington as part of his first visit to the United States since taking office. The visit is taking place with an emphasis on supporting Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression.

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