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Putin claims his army learns new things and its strength "multiplies"

Monday, 1 January 2024, 15:07
Putin claims his army learns new things and its strength multiplies
Vladimir Putin. Photo: Getty Images

Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed that the Russian Armed Forces are learning to employ modern weapons on the battlefield and to respond to them "in terms of production".

Source: Putin during a visit to a military hospital

Quote: "The modern art of warfare and its effectiveness depends on how quickly the army can determine what is most important at the moment, react to it in terms of production and implement it as soon as possible during combat operations.


We are better at it than anyone else. This is a huge advantage that our Armed Forces are gaining. I think no one else can do this today.

...The capabilities of the Russian Armed Forces are constantly multiplying.

... The strategic initiative is basically in our hands today.

We have learnt to act carefully and not to carry out combat missions at all costs. At least, that's what I'm told. I am insisting on this: any operations should be carried out after serious fire damage.

...Our Armed Forces are becoming so capable and ready to use modern weapons as no other army in the world."

Details: At the same time, Putin assessed the situation on the battlefield as "satisfactory" for Russia. Smiling, he clarified that he described it as such because he would not "give high marks".

The Russian president said Russia would step up its strikes against Ukraine.

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