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Zelenskyy signs law on demobilisation of conscripts

Ukraine's Verkhovna Rada votes to allow demobilisation of conscripts

Belarus announces major joint exercise with Russia for 2025

New commander introduced to Ukraine's Joint Forces

Ukrainian government considers two options for economic reservation from mobilisation

Ukrainian prime minister holds government meeting in Donetsk Oblast, sharing plans to strengthen the army

Avdiivka under attack by well-trained Russian units, including Special Forces

Ukraine's Digital Transformation Minister: Ukraine plans to improve training of drone operators

Russia's defence industry fails to ensure full technical support for Russian reserves – ISW

Russia wants to raise conscription age for foreigners who have been granted citizenship

UK Defence Intelligence: Corruption thrives in Russian army, undermining military effectiveness

Russia lures Syrians into army in exchange for Yakut passports

Zelenskyy: Ukraine's nearly million-strong army encounters Russian casualties in Avdiivka

Putin says over 600,000 Russian troops are fighting in Ukraine

Defence Intelligence explains how strikes on Russian oil depots benefit Ukrainian army

NATO-standard artillery systems, cheaper FPV drones and homemade air defence systems: Strategic Industries Minister on production in Ukraine

Russians attack Beryslav, injuring three civilians

Our goals are to hold positions and exhaust enemy – Ground Forces Commander

Figure of 500,000 Russian army recruits over past year is overstated – UK intelligence

Armed Forces receive over 37,000 CVs for their vacancies: list of most popular job offers

Russian imports of military components have hardly fallen at all compared to before full-scale invasion

Putin claims his army learns new things and its strength "multiplies"

Zaluzhnyi: Rotation of soldiers to necessitate doubling amount of personal equipment

US retaliates against Hezbollah facilities in Iraq

Zelenskyy defends taxpaying civilians: six civilians are needed to support one soldier

Death is no more so long as we exist: How the doctors of Ukraine's Special Forces cheat death

Latvia to train more Ukrainian soldiers

Russia saves on New Year decorations and fireworks in order to finance army

UK intelligence explains future influence on army of new recruits to Russian General Staff academy

Ukraine starts consultations concerning security guarantees with EU