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Russian official compares media claims that NATO is preparing for Russian offensive to "last year's horoscope"

Monday, 15 January 2024, 09:17
Russian official compares media claims that NATO is preparing for Russian offensive to last year's horoscope
Maria Zakharova. Photo from her Telegram

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has responded to a leaked German plan for how the country would respond to a Russian hybrid assault on NATO’s eastern flank, which it suggests might occur in July 2024.

Source: Maria Zakharova on Telegram

Details: German tabloid Bild has leaked the details of what it claims to be a secret memo by the German Defence Ministry that outlines a possible "path to conflict" between Russia and NATO. The memo outlines Russia’s actions and the West’s response month by month, with Russia expected to launch hybrid assaults on European countries in the summer of 2024 and to start a full-scale war in the summer of 2025.


The memo envisions that Russia could use clashes in the Baltic states as a pretext to deploy troops and medium-range missile systems to Kaliningrad and could invade NATO countries during the US presidential elections.

The German Defence Ministry’s Alliance Defence 2025 plan is allegedly set to be put in place in February 2024, as Germany considers it possible that Russia might launch a new offensive in Ukraine in the spring.

Quote from Zakharova: "I read Germany’s ‘secret plan’ that was leaked to Bild, an information gutter. It’s like a mighty horoscope from last year for Pisces in Cancer. I suppose that the analysis was undertaken by the German Foreign Ministry headed by [Annalena] Baerbock."


Previously: Russian officials denied Russia was preparing to invade Ukraine ahead of the full-scale invasion. For the past two years, Russia has referred to its war against Ukraine as a "special military operation". It also denies it intends to launch an attack on NATO, but NATO countries are still preparing for a possible Russian invasion on NATO’s eastern flank.

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