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Biden and Congress leaders "discuss strategic consequences of inaction"

Thursday, 18 January 2024, 04:00
Biden and Congress leaders discuss strategic consequences of inaction
Joe Biden. Photo: the White House on X

US President Joe Biden has met with the Congressional Leadership and members of the House of Representatives in order to discuss the urgent need to allocate funds for Ukraine.

Source: Biden’s statement on the White House website

Details: During the meeting Biden stressed the importance of Congress providing Ukraine with the resources it needs, including air defence and artillery, to protect itself from Russia’s brutal invasion.


The US President also "discussed the strategic consequences of inaction for Ukraine, the US and the world".

He noted that Congress’s inaction puts the national security of the US, NATO and the rest of the free world in danger.

Biden urged Congress to quickly provide additional funding for the support for Ukraine and send a powerful message of US resolve.


He added that he was inspired by the progress achieved in bipartisan talks held in the Senate.

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