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Biden supports Johnson's proposal regarding funding for Ukraine

Biden once again calls on US Congress to unblock aid for Ukraine

Biden talked Israeli PM out of retaliatory strike on Iran – media

Biden calls on Xi to influence Russia and Iran over wars in Ukraine and Middle East

US President outlines plan to shield Ukraine from "butcher Putin"

Biden signs budget into law and urges US Congress to vote for aid for Ukraine

Biden's adviser did not mention regaining territories when talking about conditions for Ukraine's victory

Biden once again urges Congress to approve military aid to Ukraine

Biden aware of Putin's new nuclear statements – White House

Polish leaders discuss how to maintain and strengthen support for Ukraine at meeting with Biden

Biden: Ukraine can stop Putin if we provide necessary weapons

Biden intends to address Congress and talk about Ukraine in particular – video

Biden: Trump's second term means return to chaos, division and darkness

Biden wants G7 countries to develop plan for frozen Russian assets in Ukraine's favour

Biden kicks off meeting with Congress leaders about unlocking aid for Ukraine

Biden announces over 500 new sanctions against Russia over war in Ukraine and Navalny's death

Biden meets with Navalny's wife and announces further sanctions against Putin – photo

Putin: Biden calling me son of a bitch is "absolutely reasonable reaction"

Biden calls Putin "crazy son of a bitch"

Biden willing to meet with House speaker to discuss Ukraine aid bill

US considers additional sanctions against Russia over Navalny's death

Biden says Ukrainian troops were forced to withdraw from Avdiivka due to lack of ammunition and Congress inaction

Zelenskyy on conversation with Biden: I'm glad I can count on his full support

Biden reacts to news of Navalny's death

Failure to support Ukraine will never be forgotten – Biden on House recess

Trump changes tactics, now claiming he'd do more for Ukraine than Biden did

Putin claims it will be better for Russia if Biden wins US election

US funding for Ukraine: House Speaker wants to meet with Biden

Biden urges US House Speaker Johnson to put Ukraine aid package to vote immediately

Biden addresses House of Representatives after Senate decision to help Ukraine