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Russia launches 99 missiles, 72 downed, including all 10 hypersonic Kinzhals – Commander-in-Chief

Tuesday, 2 January 2024, 11:23
Russia launches 99 missiles, 72 downed, including all 10 hypersonic Kinzhals – Commander-in-Chief
Aftermath of a Russian attack on Kharkiv on 2 January. Photo: State Emergency Service

The Russians launched 99 missiles of various types at Ukraine on the night of 1-2 January 2024, 72 of which were destroyed.

Source: Valerii Zaluzhnyi, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, on Telegram

Quote from Zaluzhnyi: "According to early reports, the enemy used 99 air attack weapons – missiles of various types. The assets and personnel of the Air Force, in cooperation with units from the Defence Forces of Ukraine, destroyed 72 air targets."


Details: Notably, 10 out of 10 Kh-47M2 Kinzhal aeroballistic missiles, 59 out of 70 Kh-101/Kh-555/Kh-55 cruise missiles and 3 out of 3 Kalibr cruise missiles were shot down.

Zaluzhnyi said that the Russians attacked civilian and critical infrastructure facilities, as well as industrial and military facilities. They mainly targeted the capital.

First, the Russians attacked with Shahed attack drones from the south-east, then moved to different oblasts of Ukraine. All 35 attack UAVs were destroyed.


At around 06:00, 16 Tu-95MS bombers fired at least 70 Kh-101/Kh-555/Kh-55 air-launched cruise missiles. 

Starting at 07:30, ten Kh-47M2 Kinzhal aeroballistic missiles were launched from MiG-31K fighters.

The Russians also attacked from the sea with three Kalibr cruise missiles and from the north with 12 Iskander-M/S-300/S-400 ballistic missiles.

The occupiers fired 4 Kh-31P anti-aircraft missiles from Su-35 tactical aircraft.



  • This is the second large-scale attack on Ukraine, particularly on the capital, in the last five days.
  • On the night and morning of 29 December, the Russian army carried out its largest-scale aerial assault on Ukraine yet. The cities targeted included Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Lviv, Zaporizhzhia, and others. The day after the attack, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy reported that 39 people had been killed. Later, the death toll increased. Twenty-two people lost their lives in the city of Kyiv alone.
  • Later, the Russians launched 158 air targets on Ukraine – UAVs and missiles of different types. Air defence managed to destroy 114 of them. The Ukrainian Air Force said Russia had used almost all types of weapons at its disposal.

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