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Zelenskyy meets with Servant of the People MPs for wide-ranging discussions

Wednesday, 21 February 2024, 20:36
Zelenskyy meets with Servant of the People MPs for wide-ranging discussions
Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Photo: Adam Berry/Getty Images

On 21 February, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with parliamentarians from the Servant of the People faction. They discussed support for European integration bills, the political future, and the situation at the front.

Source: several of the meeting’s attendees in comments to Ukrainska Pravda

Details: According to Ukrainska Pravda’s sources, Zelenskyy opened the meeting by thanking the MPs for the European integration laws that have been passed and calling for team unity.


He asked them to continue supporting European integration bills, because after the war, conditions may develop that allow Ukraine to quickly join the EU.

Regarding the frontline situation, the president stated that Ukraine has achieved some significant successes at sea while going on the defensive in some areas.

Quote from a UP source: "Regarding mobilisation, the president stated that [Commander-in-Chief] Syrskyi is currently conducting an extensive audit of who is where, as it was discovered that many of those who should have been at the front were not. So when the audit has taken place, we will gain a better understanding of the true state of affairs – and meanwhile, we must work on the [mobilisation] law itself in Parliament." 

Details: Among other things, the president emphasised the importance of security agreements with other countries and said he hoped the United States would be able to vote on aid to Ukraine.

Regarding relations with Poland, the president recalled his plan to send government representatives to the border and emphasised the importance of maintaining the relationship with Poland.

Zelenskyy also explained that the current position of the Polish authorities is being heavily influenced by upcoming local elections. The Russian Federation is also doing its best to exacerbate the conflict. 

When some MPs asked about the political future, Zelenskyy answered that that is not on the list of priorities at the moment. "Let’s work toward victory, and then there will be a future. Anyone who proves themselves and has a good head on their shoulders will be fine," the MPs quoted the president as saying.

Among other things, the parliamentarians raised concerns about potential threats to the president's legitimacy, as in May of this year, it will be five years since Zelenskyy was elected president.

Zelenskyy responded that he is aware that the Russians are preparing information campaigns, but that no one should respond to such provocations.

He also noted that Ukraine’s partners support the Ukrainian authorities' position on legitimacy and the impossibility of holding elections at this moment in time.

Background: On 20 February, Ukrainska Pravda sources revealed that Zelenskyy would convene the first meeting with members of the Servant of the People faction since the full-scale war began.

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