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UK to invest €286m to provide artillery shells to Ukraine this year

Saturday, 24 February 2024, 11:05
UK to invest €286m to provide artillery shells to Ukraine this year
Stock photo: Getty Images

The UK will invest £245 million (about €286 million) over the next year to provide artillery shells for Ukraine.

Source: UK Government press service on the second anniversary of the full-scale war

Details: In the press release, London states that artillery has played and continues to play an extremely important role on the battlefield, and Ukraine has recently suffered from an acute shortage of ammunition. 


With this in mind, the UK is allocating £245 million to purchase ammunition and revitalise the supply chain to provide shells for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. 

In addition to this and the Brimstone missiles announced separately, the government announced the signing of a series of million-pound contracts between the Ministry of Defence's procurement agency and Cook Defence Systems to purchase hundreds of caterpillar track spare parts to repair Ukrainian tanks and other armoured vehicles.

Background: On 24 February, Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and opposition Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer (whose party is considered to have a good chance of winning the upcoming elections) said that the UK would continue to support Ukraine, Sky News reported.

Rishi Sunak reiterated that London is committed to supporting Ukraine for as long as necessary.

Starmer stated that the UK will support Ukraine regardless of which party forms the government in the future, and that Russia's victory cannot be allowed. 

"We will not waver. We will not abandon them [Ukrainians]. We will not be divided in the face of tyranny or oppression," he said. 

The UK was the first to sign a bilateral security agreement with Ukraine following the G7 declaration on security guarantees.

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