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UK intelligence says Russia will continue to weaponise energy

Monday, 26 February 2024, 12:44

UK Defence Intelligence has been tracking Russia's use of energy as a bargaining chip since 2014 and has concluded that this trend will continue.

Source: the UK Defence Intelligence review dated 26 February on Twitter, as reported by European Pravda

Details: UK intelligence analysed Russia's energy-related actions, from the annexation of Crimea and the seizure of Black Sea gas platforms, also known as Boyko Towers, in 2014 to Russian strikes on Ukraine's energy infrastructure earlier this year.


"Throughout its conflict with Ukraine, Russia has sought to use energy as a weapon. Russia’s kinetic strikes on Ukrainian energy infrastructure have caused widespread electricity shortages across the nation, while globally Russian President Vladimir Putin has used energy policy to undermine international energy security," the review stressed.

The review noted that by reducing gas flows to Europe through pipeline supply restrictions, Putin has attempted to undermine European unity against Russia's illegal war.

"Russia’s weaponisation of energy will likely remain a coercive instrument, demonstrating the links between Russia’s security and energy policy. It is highly likely that Russia will continue to use energy as a weapon for global economic gain and political influence, signifying the link between energy, security, political and military objectives," the UK MoD noted.

Background: On 24 February, UK intelligence analysed the losses of the Russian army over the two years of the full-scale war in Ukraine.

In one of its previous reviews, the UK MoD intelligence analysed how Russia justifies the prolongation of the war against Ukraine.

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