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Ukraine's Defence Intelligence has lists of people who Russians may use in Maidan-3 PsyOp

Thursday, 29 February 2024, 15:26
Ukraine's Defence Intelligence has lists of people who Russians may use in Maidan-3 PsyOp
Anrii Yusov. Photo: Army Inform

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence reported that it has lists of people who Russia may use to spread its narratives and influence the sociopolitical situation in Ukraine.

Source: Andrii Yusov, representative of Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence, on the air of Radio Liberty

Quote: "I can't give you specific names right now. There are lists of people who the enemy targets, and there’s an order to use them to spread their rhetoric and influence the country's sociopolitical situation. If we consider influential individuals, that translates to dozens of people.


Not directly; that is, it does not always imply that these people are approached by someone wearing a red star. This can be an access to intermediaries via neutral topics. The main point is to intersperse them with the narratives that the enemy requires. This work, and its attempts, take place both in Ukraine and other countries."

According to Yusov, the Russians also buy large numbers of established Telegram channels in order to promote Russian narratives and destabilise the situation in Ukraine. Furthermore, bot farms are being developed to strengthen Russian rhetoric on social media.

Quote: "Now, literally in real time, the active 'purchase' of various tools continues – from Telegram channels, pages on various social media, and access to public opinion leaders. Every time we hear narratives that shake our country from within and delegitimize the implementation of state decisions, we will understand whom these narratives serve.

... This name [Maidan-3 – ed.] was chosen by the Russians. It's not the first time. Even the Soviet special services, followed by the Russian special services, called for open anti-Ukrainian and xenophobic measures in perfect Ukrainian or foreign language, both in Ukraine and abroad. Yes, Maidan poses a threat to them, so they employ this terminology to turn everything upside down. Many operations of the Soviet People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs against the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists, and the Ukrainian underground resistance were referred to with beautiful melodious Ukrainian words."


  • On 16 November 2023, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Russia was seeking to split Ukrainian society, wreak havoc inside the country and ultimately overthrow the president. According to Ukraine’ Defence Intelligence, this plan is called Maidan-3 in Russia.
  • On 21 November, Zelenskyy said that Russia wanted to remove him from the post of president of Ukraine by the end of 2023, for which it came up with a destabilisation plan codenamed Maidan-3.
  • Kyrylo Budanov, the head of Ukraine's Defence Intelligence, stated that the main goal of the Russian operation Maidan-3 is to sow doubt about the legitimacy of Ukrainian authorities within the country, but that operation is failing.

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