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Switzerland joins 13th EU sanctions package

Friday, 1 March 2024, 20:26
Switzerland joins 13th EU sanctions package
Photo: Getty Images

Switzerland has joined the European Union's 13th package of sanctions against Russia, which includes 106 individuals and 88 legal entities.

Source: Switzerland's Federal Council press service report

Reportedly, the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research (EAER), which is responsible for sanctions, has decided to impose further sanctions against Russia. 


With this, Switzerland has joined the 13th package of EU sanctions adopted in response to Russia's ongoing military aggression against Ukraine over the past two years.

Quote: "The individuals, entities and organisations newly placed under sanction are primarily those operating in Russia's military-industrial complex and involved in the manufacture of missiles, drones, anti-aircraft missile systems and other military equipment," the report says.

In addition, the sanctions also apply to judges and officials from the occupied territories of Ukraine, as well as to individuals and organisations involved in the forced displacement of Ukrainian children.

Moreover, additional trade sanctions were introduced to further prevent Russia from acquiring sensitive goods and technologies for the Russian military. 

Background: The European Union enacted its 13th tranche of sanctions against Russia, targeting 106 individuals and 88 legal entities.

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