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Russia claims hundreds of Ukraine-aligned fighters killed in breakthrough into border oblasts – video

Tuesday, 12 March 2024, 13:05
Russia claims hundreds of Ukraine-aligned fighters killed in breakthrough into border oblasts – video
Stock photo: the Russian Volunteer Corps on Telegram

The Russian FSB has claimed that during an attempt to infiltrate Russian territory, over 100 fighters breaking into the country from Ukraine were killed, and dozens of pieces of equipment were destroyed. Meanwhile, on social media, Ukraine's volunteer soldiers from Russia are posting videos showing the use of firearms and the destruction of Russian equipment on the nation’s own territory.

Source: Latvia-based Russian media outlet Meduza; Kremlin-aligned Russian news agencies RIA Novosti and TASS; Telegram channel BAZA

Details: Specifically, the Russian authorities claimed the alleged destruction of six tanks, 20 armoured vehicles and a self-propelled artillery unit, and the death of 100 fighters.


The FSB claims that the saboteurs allegedly "failed to break into the territory of Kursk and Belgorod oblasts," and Russians continue to strike "armed groups" in the border areas of Ukraine. 

The Russian Defence Ministry reports an "unsuccessful breakthrough attempt" by Ukrainian saboteurs across the border. The ministry claims that, together with the FSB border guards, they "thwarted Kyiv's attempt to break into the territory of Belgorod and Kursk oblasts."

However, Russian anonymous Telegram channels, citing sources, report that at least one civilian was wounded during a firefight in Kursk Oblast.


Quote from the Freedom of Russia Legion: "Last month, the Kremlin regime finally crushed [Russia’s] last hope for peaceful change. Another round of "elections" has been scheduled. The fighters of the Freedom of Russia Legion were never under any illusions and are aware that Russian authorities only understand the language of force. That is why we are once again entering the territory of the Russian Federation."


  • Soldiers of the Freedom of Russia Legion, the Russian Volunteer Corps and the Sibir Battalion reported that they had crossed the Russian border. Military volunteer groups published an appeal, and a video of the alleged presence of military personnel firing their weapons on Russian territory appeared on Telegram channels.

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