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Putin addresses Russians 12 hours after shooting incident near Moscow

Saturday, 23 March 2024, 14:33
Putin addresses Russians 12 hours after shooting incident near Moscow
Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Screenshot

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has issued an address to the people of Russia regarding the terrorist attack that took place in Moscow Oblast on the evening of 22 March.

Source: Putin's address

Details: Putin has declared 24 March a day of national mourning.


He claimed that a "back door" had been prepared for the suspects in the attack so that they could cross the border with Ukraine.

Putin vowed to identify all instigators of the attack who "will be justly punished".

Quote from Putin: "As for the investigation. I can tell you the following: all four perpetrators have been found and detained. They sought to escape and were moving towards Ukraine, where a back door had been prepared for them to cross the border.

More details: The Russian leader is going to "join forces with other countries to fight international terrorism".

Why it is important: Putin's claim about a "back door into Ukraine" makes no sense, as terrorists would still have had to cross the Russian border. Such remarks by the Russian ruler can only mean that Russia has no control over a part of its own border. 

Since yesterday (22 March), Russia has been trying to blame the terrorist attack on Ukraine, even though US intelligence has no doubt that ISIS is behind it and has warned the Kremlin about it in advance.

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