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Victims of Russian drone strike on Odesa: mothers with babies and military family

Sunday, 3 March 2024, 15:57
Victims of Russian drone strike on Odesa: mothers with babies and military family
Сollage: Ukrainska Pravda

Rescue workers have discovered the bodies of ten people under the rubble of an Odesa residential building that was hit by a Russian drone on the night of 1-2 March. Among them are two mothers with babies, a three-year-old boy, men aged 35, 40, and 54, and a woman of 73.

One section of the apartment building was completely destroyed when the Russian attack drone crashed into it. The search and rescue effort continues. There may be four more people under the debris.

The bodies of three-year-old Mark and his father Vitalii were discovered beneath the rubble around lunchtime on 2 March. The child's mother, Anastasiia, is in intensive care. On Sunday, her sister Tetiana Yurchyk stated that Anastasiia's condition was serious but stable, and that she is conscious.

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The bodies of Anna Haidarzhy, 31, and her four-month-old son Timofii were found under the rubble on the evening of 2 March. According to rescue workers, the mother was pressing her son to her chest. Anna's husband and daughter miraculously survived – they were in the next room.

Anna Haidarzhy was the daughter of Mykola Sidak, pastor of Odesa’s Peresypsky Church, says the Odesa Regional Association of Churches of the Evangelical Baptist Union of Ukraine.

A whole family also lost their lives as a result of the drone attack on Odesa. The bodies of Oleh and Tetiana, both of whom served in the military, and their seven-month-old daughter Liza were discovered beneath the rubble.

Tetiana had three other children from her previous marriage, and rescue workers are still searching for two of them – Serhii, 9, and Zlata, 8 – under the rubble, reports Suspilne, Ukraine's public broadcaster.

Rescue workers discovered the bodies of another woman and a baby under the rubble on the morning of 3 March, more than a day after the Russian attack on Odesa. According to Ukraine’s State Emergency Service, the mother had attempted to protect her 8-month-old by cradling the baby in her arms.

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