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Three killed in Odesa due to night attack by Russian drones

Saturday, 2 March 2024, 11:05
Three killed in Odesa due to night attack by Russian drones
Aftermath of Russian attack on Odesa. Photo: Odesa Oblast Military Administration

Three people have been killed, several more civilians have been wounded and high-rise residential buildings have been damaged as a result of a Russian drone attack on Odesa on the night of 1-2 March. 

Source: Oleh Kiper, Head of Odesa Oblast Military Administration, on Telegram ; State Emergency Service of Ukraine

Details: Kiper stated that there were four casualties, including one child. The information is being confirmed. 


All relevant services are working at the scene.

Update at 02:15: As a result of the Russian drone attack on Odesa, seven civilians have been reported injured, including one child. The 3-year-old suffered abrasions to his leg and is now under medical supervision.

Six adults are in moderate condition. 

Emergency workers continue to work at the scene. The rubble is being removed, and there may be people trapped under it.

At 02:34, Kiper reported that one person had been killed in the Russian attack.

Update: At around 11:00, it was reported that the death toll of the Russian attack on Odesa had increased to three.

Rescue workers recovered one more body, but the gender has not been disclosed.

Rescue workers also managed to recover a man from under the rubble.

He was in the basement when the Russian drone hit. He is conscious and is being examined by doctors.

The State Emergency Service reported that early reports indicate that, in addition to the people killed, eight people were injured, including a child, and four residents were rescued. 

The explosion also damaged a nearby boiler house building, resulting in 11 apartment buildings being left without a heat supply.

This news has been updated since publication. 

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