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Russian propagandist lists German bridges Russia could hit "in return for Crimean Bridge"

Monday, 4 March 2024, 13:38
Russian propagandist lists German bridges Russia could hit in return for Crimean Bridge
The damaged Crimean Bridge. Photo: TASS, a Kremlin-aligned Russian news outlet

Russian propagandist Dmitry Kiselyov, speaking on Vesti Nedeli, his weekly TV news show, has named four bridges in Germany that Russia could destroy "in response to a strike" on the Kerch Bridge in occupied Crimea.

Source: Agentstvo. Novosti, a Russian news outlet

Quote from Kiselyov: "Sophisticated as the interlocutors [Ukraine’s Western allies] may be, they do not have images of bridges in Germany in their heads. In this relatively small country, there are no bridges as long as the Crimean Bridge. But there is still plenty to see through a missile sight.


...It will be a pity, but what can we do? They don't care about our Crimean Bridge."

Details: Kiselyov went on to list four German bridges that Russia could strike in retaliation: the Fehmarn Sound and Rügen bridges in Germany’s north, which connect the mainland with the islands of Fehmarn and Rügen, the Hohenzollern Railway Bridge in Cologne, and the Magdeburg Water Bridge, which connects two canals across the Elbe River, 150 km from Berlin.

Kiselyov claimed it is possible to attack four bridges at once, as there are no bridges in Germany of equal length: "We'll have to consider other bridges in Germany to get the appropriate damage in terms of linear metres."

Kiselyov was commenting on a recently published conversation in which high-ranking German military officials discussed the possible use of German-made Taurus missiles on Russian targets, including the Kerch Bridge in occupied Crimea.

German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius called Russia's interception of the conversation an element of Russia's information war.


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