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Russia claims to have shot down almost 50 UAVs

Saturday, 9 March 2024, 09:30

The Russian Defence Ministry has reported that Russian air defence supposedly downed 47 UAVs that attacked some facilities in Russia on the night of 8-9 March 2024. 

Source: Russian Defence Ministry 

Details: The Russians claimed that they had downed 47 out of 47 UAVs that were launched on Russia by Ukrainian forces. 


They reported that they had downed those drones over Belgorod (one UAV), Kursk (two  UAVs), Volgograd (three UAVs) and Rostov (41 UAVs) oblasts. 

Background: The Russian cities of Taganrog and Kursk were attacked by drones on the night of 8-9 March. The Beriev Aircraft Company in Taganrog, where A-50 aircraft are repaired, was damaged.

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