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Flooding continues in Russia's Orenburg: Kremlin says forecasts are bleak – photo, video

Wednesday, 10 April 2024, 13:45
Flooding continues in Russia's Orenburg: Kremlin says forecasts are bleak – photo, video
Photo: Maxar

Maxar company has released satellite images showing the flooding in Russia's Orenburg Oblast. The Kremlin believes that the flood forecast is unfavourable and that the water level will continue to rise.

Source: Maxar; Skhemy (Schemes), Radio Liberty's investigative journalism programme; Kremlin-aligned Russian news agency RIA Novosti

Details: Maxar has released images of several settlements in Russia's Orenburg Oblast, including the regional centre, which have been flooded by seasonal floods and a dam break in the city of Orsk.


Flooding continues along many rivers and tributaries of the Ural River.

The images were taken between 3 and 9 April 2024.


Dmitry Peskov, spokesperson for the Russian leader Vladimir Putin, noted that the flood forecasts were disappointing and that the water level was continuing to rise.


Water is coming to new regions. Peskov said the situation is very tense, but Russian leader Vladimir Putin has no plans to visit the affected areas. Peskov claimed that he is constantly "receiving information and coordinating the work of all branches of government".



  • On 5 April, a dam burst in Orsk, a city of about 189,000 people. Residents of the most affected areas were evacuated. Then, another breach followed, with water reaching the regional centre of Orenburg, where several districts were also flooded. A state of emergency was introduced in Orenburg Oblast.
  • The oil refinery's work was suspended on 7 April due to flooding after a second dam burst in the Russian city of Orsk, and water reached another large city, Orenburg.

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