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Ukrainian troops are getting tired, and Russia maintains superiority in combat zone – Estonian General Staff

Friday, 12 April 2024, 18:12

Colonel Eero Rebo, the head of the General Staff of the Defence Forces of Estonia, has stated that Russia continues conducting active combat actions in Ukraine despite significant losses, while the Ukrainian troops experience fatigue and lack of ammunition.

Source: European Pravda with reference to ERR, Rebo at a briefing on 12 April

Details: Rebo indicated that the Armed Forces of Russia conduct mechanised attacks by units to the battalion level, trying to benefit from the positive weather change and local landscape.


"Despite the losses, the Russian Federation has kept up the pace of advance and maintains the initiative in the combat zone," Rebo stated.

He added that Ukraine’s main problem is that it has not received the expected large Western ammunition supplies, and the troops experience fatigue more and more.

"Yet as of now there are no signs that unplanned withdrawal of forces occurs in Ukraine, or that any of the Ukrainian units refuse to fight," Rebo said.

Commenting on the situation on different areas of the frontline, Rebo focused on the Luhansk front, where the Russians had advanced near the settlements of Kreminna and Lyman but lost 100 units of armoured equipment, and the Donetsk front, in which they tried to capture the settlement of Chasiv Yar.

To the south from these fronts the fighting is ongoing around the settlements of Avdiivka and Marinka where Russia has advanced towards the village of Pervomaisk, as stated by Rebo. On the Zaporizhzhia and Kherson fronts active fighting is ongoing as well.


  • Last week the Intelligence Centre of the Estonian Defence Forces indicated in its weekly report that Russian troops are continuing to maintain the pace of their operational advance and initiative on the Luhansk and Donetsk fronts.

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