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Ukraine's Operational Command South chief announces his resignation, he will head a military academy

Friday, 12 April 2024, 20:42
Ukraine's Operational Command South chief announces his resignation, he will head a military academy
Andrii Kovalchuk. Stock photo: Operational Command Pivden (South)

Major General Andrii Kovalchuk, Commander of Operational Command Pivden (South), has announced his resignation and will transition to training military personnel.

Source: Kovalchuk on Facebook

Details: The commander thanked the military for the two and a half years of service.


Quote: "We liberated a portion of Odesa Oblast from the occupiers, the Zmiinyi Island, as well as the majority of Ukraine's territorial sea, Mykolaiv and Kherson oblasts on the right bank of Dnipro. We carried out combat missions, repelling daring enemy troops, knocking back and sinking enemy ships, and creating unprecedented historical facts of the new era of our Armed Forces."

Details: Kovalchuk also stated that he will remain in the army and continue to educate young officers.

Quote: "With faith in us and our forces, I remain a part of the army family, and in the education of young officers, I will apply the same principles and requirements that I have always had and continue to have for myself and those I lead: honour, decency, patriotism, responsibility, courage, and good judgement – from this a true commander emerges, capable of being a role model and leading his team by example."

Updated: The Odesa Military Academy reported that Kovalchuk has become its new head. 

Quote: "The appointment of Major General Andrii Kovalchuk to the position of the head of the Odesa Military Academy is not only an important event for the Academy itself but for the whole country as well. His exceptional experience in warfare, his courage and devotion will take the education process and the training of future officers to a new level. Kovalchuk not only defended our country in the combat zone but also tested himself in challenging peacekeeping missions. Under his guidance, the academy will not only become a place of learning but also the centre of development of military experience and culture."

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