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Polish and Danish Prime Ministers talk about creating an Iron Dome for Europe

Tuesday, 16 April 2024, 09:15
Mette Frederiksen and Donald Tusk. Photo by Krystian Maj, posted on Donald Tusk's (X)

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk and Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen have discussed the idea of an Iron Dome to protect European cities from air attacks in the event of war.

Source: Donald Tusk after a meeting with his Danish counterpart in Poland

Details: Tusk commented on the issue of assistance to Ukraine and then noted that Europe is also a "zone of danger".


"I am pleased that the Danish prime minister has responded positively to Poland's proposal to join the project to create an effective Iron Dome to protect European skies from potential missile attacks," the Polish prime minister said.

For reference: The Iron Dome is the name of the Israeli air defence system, which is often used as a generic name for the sky defence system. 

Background: In the autumn of 2022, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz expressed the idea of a pan-European air defence system and predicted that it would take about five years. 

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