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77% of Ukrainians support EU and NATO membership

Thursday, 4 April 2024, 13:54
77% of Ukrainians support EU and NATO membership
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The vast majority of Ukrainians continue to support Ukraine's accession to the EU and NATO. 

Source: Results of the survey of the International Republican Institute (IRI); European Pravda 

77% of respondents in February chose the European Union in response to the question about Ukraine's accession to a particular international economic union. 


This is eight percentage points less than in February 2023, when 85% of respondents favoured joining the EU.

Most of all, joining the EU is supported in the west of Ukraine – 81% of respondents.

32% of respondents believe that Ukraine will be able to become a member of the EU in three to five years, and according to 26% it will take even less than three years. 15% of respondents believe that joining the EU will take more than 10 years, and 3% – that Ukraine will never join the European Union.


In addition, if a referendum on Ukraine's accession to NATO if it were held today, 77% of Ukrainians would vote in favour. This is five percentage points less than in February 2023, when 82% of respondents would have voted for joining NATO. 

Most of all, NATO membership is supported in Central Ukraine – 83%, and the West – 82%. 

"Our data clearly shows that Ukrainians see a closer relationship with the West as the best chance of achieving sustainable peace and prosperity," said Stephen Nix, IRI's senior director for Eurasia.

The survey was conducted by the Rating sociological group on behalf of the Center for Insights in Survey Research of the International Republican Institute throughout Ukraine (except for the occupied territories of Crimea and Donbas) on 17-21 February 2024. The total sample consists of n= 2,000 Ukrainians aged 18 and older. 

84% of Ukrainians surveyed support entry of Ukraine into the European Union, according to a sociological survey conducted by the Razumkov Centre's sociological service from 19 to 25 January.


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