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Republicans accuse White House of sending weapons to Kenya instead of Ukraine

Wednesday, 22 May 2024, 02:31
Republicans accuse White House of sending weapons to Kenya instead of Ukraine
Stock photo: open sources

US Republicans have accused the Biden administration of bypassing Congress by transferring tens of millions of dollars in military equipment, which  could have been used to assist Ukraine, to Kenyan troops stationed in Haiti.

Source: Politico

Details: House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Michael McCauk and Senate Foreign Relations Committee ranking member Jim Ricketts criticised the administration in a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday for accelerating the funding of US$60 million in military aid to combat violent gangs wreaking havoc in Haiti through the use of Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA).


This cargo contains firearms, ammo, and armoured vehicles for Kenyan troops travelling to the island. They are slated to arrive on Thursday, the same day that Kenyan President William Ruto talks with senior US officials in Washington.

The lawmakers' letter alleges that the US administration is racing to fund an indefinite operation in Haiti without congressional consent.

There is growing concern that US assistance to Haiti could cost Ukraine dearly, as the White House is also shipping equipment to Kyiv directly from the Pentagon's stockpiles. Nobody knows how long it will take to beat the gangs, which are getting more powerful and influential by the day.


Quote from a Republican Party aide: "Armed services are conducting internal inventory audits to see what they can spare for Haiti — which puts it in direct competition with Ukraine for materials."

More details: The United States is "responding to multiple critical needs around the world, and the scenarios in Ukraine and Haiti are different," said a State Department official who wished to remain anonymous.

"Supporting the people of Haiti does not limit or take away from our ability to support the people of Ukraine," he added. "Both are important priorities and in each case, we identify support tailored to the needs of our partners."

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