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Bundestag hopes Scholz will finally dare to provide Taurus missiles to Ukraine

Wednesday, 22 May 2024, 14:11
Bundestag hopes Scholz will finally dare to provide Taurus missiles to Ukraine
Stock photo: Getty Images

Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, Chair of the Defence Committee of the Bundestag, believes that Germany could do more to support Ukraine and hopes that Chancellor Olaf Scholz will eventually change his mind about the possibility of providing Ukraine with Taurus long-range missiles.

Source: European Pravda, citing Strack-Zimmermann in an interview with Politico

Strack-Zimmermann criticised Scholz, arguing that Germany was still not doing enough to support Ukraine, specifically mentioning his resistance to providing Ukraine with Taurus long-range missiles. 


Scholz recently confirmed that he continues to refuse to supply these cruise missiles to Ukraine.

Quote: "If the situation changes, I also expect the chancellor's opinion to change. And I hope that when the situation changes, he will realize that he made a big mistake not giving the green light a year ago. So in that respect, hope dies last," she commented.

The MP added that Germany could strengthen its assistance not only by agreeing on the Taurus missiles but also in other areas, particularly in supplying ammunition for air defence systems, even though Germany has already done more than many other countries overall.


"And he says, ‘Gosh, Germany is doing so much compared to the others. Now it's the others' turn.’ But we can't afford to have this discussion. We can only do it together," Strack-Zimmermann stated.

She also called on France to increase its weapon support for Ukraine, noting that its contribution so far contrasts with the statements coming from Paris.

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