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UK Foreign Secretary Cameron visits Lviv, plants a tree – video

Friday, 3 May 2024, 14:03
UK Foreign Secretary Cameron visits Lviv, plants a tree – video
David Cameron. Photo: Getty Images

On Friday, 3 May, UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron arrived in Lviv and, with Mayor Andrii Sadovyi, planted a tree in the city centre.

Source: Sadovyi on Twitter (X), as reported by European Pravda

Details: In his post, Sadovyi emphasised Cameron's statement about the employment of UK weapons on the territory of the Russian Federation. He said it raised "our hopes." "Now, he [Cameron - ed.] has his own tree here, giving him a great reason to return to Ukraine with more good news," the mayor of Lviv stated in his message.


While working with a shovel, Cameron pointed out that this is "the famous black earth of Ukraine." He also stated that he has planted numerous trees throughout his life, but this is his first tree in Ukraine.

To Sadovyi's lighthearted remark that the UK guest expected to be met with coffee rather than work with land, Cameron said, "I like working."

Cameron questioned which tree he had planted as he cleared the wheelbarrow with the soil. It turned out that it was robinia.

Cameron's robinia will grow alongside a tree planted by Yale professor Timothy Snyder last year.

As reported earlier, during his visit to Kyiv, UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron initiated negotiations with Ukraine about a 100-year partnership. This will be a completely new agreement to deepen relations between the two countries.

Cameron promised that the UK would allocate £3 billion in annual military aid to Ukraine, and this would happen "as much as needed."

Cameron also told Reuters that Ukraine has the right to use weapons provided by London to strike targets in Russia.

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