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It is Russia that chose war over diplomacy and dialogue, Germany's Scholz says

Saturday, 15 June 2024, 20:20
It is Russia that chose war over diplomacy and dialogue, Germany's Scholz says
Olaf Scholz. Photo: Getty Images

In his speech at the Global Peace Summit, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stressed that it was Russia that chose the war and could end it by withdrawing its forces from Ukraine.

Source: European Pravda

Details: In his speech, Scholz focused on the points made by Russia's supporters who endorse its aggression and accuse Ukraine of unwillingness to negotiate.


The chancellor emphasised that Ukraine is most interested in peace but that it implies something more than the absence of war.

"An immediate ceasefire without serious negotiations and a plan to achieve a just and lasting peace based on the so-called 'new realities' only legitimises Russia's territorial grabbing," he added.

The German chancellor also mentioned Russia's "legitimate security assurances" to the United States and NATO and recalled that the West was ready to engage in a dialogue with Moscow regarding European security.


"But it was Russia that chose war, not diplomacy and dialogue. So let me be very clear: no matter how one perceives their [Russia’s] security assurances, they cannot and should not justify an invasion of a neighbouring peaceful country," Scholz said.

The chancellor also believes that peace in Ukraine "cannot be achieved without involving Russia" but noted that Moscow continues to pursue aggression against the Ukrainian population.

"We all know that Russia can end the war now or at any other time if it stops its offensive and withdraws its forces from Ukraine. Yet so far, Russia has refused to listen to our calls for peace based on international law and the UN Charter," the chancellor said.


  • On Friday, Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin dreamed up some new "conditions for the start of peace talks": Ukrainian troops must withdraw from all four of Ukraine’s oblasts that have been partly occupied by Russia, and Kyiv must declare that it has no plans to join NATO.
  • Ukraine's Foreign Ministry said the purpose of Putin’s so-called ultimatum for the start of "peace talks" was to disrupt the Global Peace Summit in Switzerland.
  • President Volodymyr Zelenskyy compared Putin's proposal to the actions of Nazi Germany.

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