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Romanian Defence Ministry opposes sending Patriot system to Ukraine, but it's not final decision

Thursday, 20 June 2024, 09:46
Romanian Defence Ministry opposes sending Patriot system to Ukraine, but it's not final decision
Stock photo: Getty Images

Romania's Supreme Council of National Defence is due to decide on Thursday whether to transfer a Patriot air defence system to Ukraine, although a report by the Romanian Ministry of Defence states that now is not the best time for this. 

Source: Euractiv, reported by European Pravda

Details: Romanian President Klaus Iohannis received a report from the Ministry of Defence, which reportedly says that now is not the right time to send the Patriot system to Ukraine. 


However, the final decision lies with the Council of National Defence, which is chaired by President Johannis. The council is expected to have complicated discussions between political and military leaders.

Some sources noted that the council might approve the delivery of the system if it could guarantee that Romania's air defence would not be affected.

The report's conclusion is not unexpected, given that Defence Minister Angel Tîlvăr has repeatedly opposed the deployment of the system in Ukraine. He considers the Patriot irreplaceable for the defence of the national territory.


Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu also expressed reservations, stating that Romania does not currently have enough Patriot systems. 

However, he acknowledged that the deployment of the system in Ukraine could potentially benefit Romania's defence, although it remains a strategic decision that has both pros and cons.


  • Negotiations on the possible provision of the Patriot system to Ukraine began in early May, when President Iohannis discussed the issue with US President Joe Biden during his visit to the United States.
  • In May, Iohannis stressed that it was unacceptable for Romania to be left without air defence and insisted that if Romania gave up something, it should get something in return.
  • At the time, Romania had only one active Patriot system, but a second system was put into service on 14 June. A third is expected by the end of the year and a fourth early next year.
  • Romania has paid US$4 billion for seven Patriot systems, four of which have already been delivered by the United States, with the remaining three due to arrive by 2027.

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